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Make the blockchain invisible with embedded wallets

Whitelabel interoperable NFT wallets with best-in-class security.

Trusted by industry leaders

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A holistic custodial wallet solution

Trusted by millions of users and thousands of developers

Embed wallets into your site or app

Create wallets for existing users via API, without requiring user action, and for new ones upon sign up.

Allow users to sign in with socials

Use your existing auth or Crossmint's, and enable wallet access with email, twitter, phone number, or any other method.

Make the blockchain invisible

Hide passphrases, transaction approval pop-ups, and sponsor gas fees for transactions.


Execute actions via API

Create wallets, fetch their content, sign messages and transactions, and transfer assets on behalf of users with simple API calls.

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Highest degree of security and compliance

Spam filters

Protect your users by hiding malicious NFTs that worsen the UX and put their assets at risk.

Anomaly detection

Simulate transactions and optimize blockchain fees to ensure fast delivery at the lowest possible cost.


Key management powered by Fireblocks, leveraging the same cutting edge MPC technology trusted by financial institutions storing billions of dollars.

Secure transaction signing

Protection against malicious transactions.

Embedded Compliance

Conduct AML and sanction screening, and optionally KYC users, directly from Crossmint.

2 Factor Authentication

Add an extra layer of security by asking users to confirm transactions.

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Allow users to connect to any website

Build interoperable experiences
Allow users to sign messages, transactions, and token-gate.
Instant integrations with thousands of sites
Compatible with Wallet Connect and Crossmint Connect.
Secure transaction signing
Protect users from signing malicious transactions.
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Everything you need is an API away

Start creating wallets within 5 minutes.

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Get started in 5 minutes

All the power of Web3 with none of the hassle.