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Digital Product Passports

What are Digital Product Passports?

Digital Product Passports (DPPs) are digital records which contain detailed information about a product, like supply chain data and maintenance records.

DPPs have gained momentum due to regulatory initiatives from the EU that will mandate their use across certain industries as early as 2024.

To satisfy the regulatory requirements for persistent and decentralized data storage, DPPs are often stored on blockchains, represented as dynamic tokens. These tokens can be owned by consumers, serving as proof-of-ownership and often unlocking access to exclusive benefits. Through the DPPs, companies can build stronger relationships with consumers, even when disintermediated by retailers.

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How do they work?

Why issue Digital Product Passports?

Why onchain?

Offchain Limitations
No customer data
Offchain DPPs are read-only. Users can access supply chain data, but the company doesn’t get any customer data.
Limited utility to customers
The main value to customers is supply chain and raw materials transparency.
Siloed Databases
Product data lives on a centralized database. Collaboration with third-parties requires custom work and cumbersome integrations.
Basic Data Entries
Data is stored as simple text on a database and has no embedded functionality.
Proprietary and custom
Building additional functionality requires extensive custom work.
Onchain benefits
Capture customer data
Discover who’s buying your products by granting them ownable DPPs, and build a direct communication line with them.
Make your products more valuable
Offer additional services on top of the physical product: exclusive access to offers and experiences with partners, digital twins, etc.
Build interoperable experiences
Allow customers to prove what they own to third-parties, online and in-person, without requiring any custom work.
Add advanced functionality
DPPs become programmable objects with embedded functionality, like automatic payouts of royalties for secondary transactions.
Built on open standards
Add plug-and-play modules like marketplaces with no custom work.

Get started with 3 easy steps

Create the Digital Product Passports

Each DPP is a dynamic NFT that contains all the relevant information about the product. DPPs can be created automatically when a new product is registered in your internal database, aggregating data from any source, and edited on-demand as needed. This automation is done via a simple API call (about 10 lines of code) and scales to millions of DPPs created per hour.

Distribute them

By scanning a QR code or NFC/RFID chip on the product, anyone can access the Digital Product Passport to view relevant product information.

After the product has been purchased, owners can claim their DPP via a code that is either inside the product or distributed at the point of sale. Once claimed, the DPP is sent to the owner's wallet, which can powered by Crossmint (embedded in your site, or accessible from our site) or any other external wallet.

Engage with consumers

Use your new touchpoint to engage with customers, provide updates, and offer exclusive content.

Let them connect their wallets to third-party sites to prove ownership and unlock additional benefits with partner brands and services.

Optonally, issue an additional loyalty NFT representing users' loyalty status with the brand, and grant additional benefits based on the tier.

Digital Product Passports for Enterprises

Why Crossmint?

Turnkey solution

Get all the infrastructure you need without having to tape together 5+ vendors.

Flexible and scalable

Quickly build pilots that can scale to millions of users.

Compliant and secure

Access battle tested infrastructure with the highest degree of security and compliance.

No blockchain experience needed

Launch onchain DPPs without requiring in-house expertise or having to touch cryptocurrencies.

Great user experience

Make the blockchain invisible to end users.

Built for enterprise

SOC2 Type II, GDPR, CCPA compliant. Enterprise SLAs available.

Use cases

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