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The leading enterprise
blockchain platform

Integrate digital assets into your application securely and with the best UX

Trusted by 30,000+ enterprises and developers

A fully integrated suite of APIs

All the infrastructure you need on a single place

Create embedded wallets

Secure enterprise-grade MPC wallets. Embeddable in your site and fully interoperable.

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Mint and distribute NFTs

Create, edit, and burn NFTs. Airdrop them into wallets or emails through simple API calls, no-code tools, QR codes, or NFC chips.

email and wallet email and wallet

Issue verifiable credentials onchain, and allow anyone to verify them.

Sell NFTs to anyone

Allow NFT purchases with any payment method: credit cards, Apple and Google Pay, cross-chain tokens, and more.

Payment methodsMethods of payment such as Visa, among others

To build any blockchain
use case

Digital Product Passports

Turn physical products into new avenues for costumer engagement, and open new revenue streams


Tokenize your loyalty program and increase customer engagement.

Real World Assets

Tokenize physical objects and contracts, add value to owners, and eliminate risk.


Add web3 into any game, making the blockchain invisible to end users.


Prevent fraud and scalping, and obtain revenue from secondary transactions.

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Issue verifiable credentials and other identity primitives.

Fan engagement

Create incentives and understand and reward your fans.


Create, distribute, and sell digital art to anyone.

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And many more!

Learn more about all the different use cases.

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Build for scale

Make the blockchain invisible.
For you and your users.

Onboard all of your users

Abstract the blockchain entirely, or build applications for both crypto and mainstream users.

Icons and logos like Google, Apple, and others
Go to market faster

Tap into a robust platform and save months of development work. Get started in minutes, even if you are new to blockchain.

Launch un 10 minutes
No need to touch crypto

Sponsor blockchain fees and pay for them in fiat.

Pay stub
Dashboards to monitor activity

Tools for business stakeholders to track user activity and execute actions.

Built for enterprise

SOC2 Type II, GDPR, CCPA compliant. Enterprise SLAs available.

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Here to help you succeed

More than an infrastructure provider

For Startups
Build prototypes in hours
Be ready to scale from day one
Get introduced to investors
Receive free cloud credits
Get marketing support
For Enterprise
Operate compliantly
Highest degree of security
Receive strategic support
Learn how to avoid common pitfalls
Dedicated technical assistance
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Build on 15+ chains
with one single integration

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Get started in 5 minutes.

All the power of blockchain. None of the hassle.