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The Smart Wallet
for enterprises

Create non-custodial wallets for your next million users 

Wallet architecture you can trust

Upgradeable, open source, with no vendor lock-in
Embed wallets into your site or app

Fully whitelabel. Use Crossmint’s auth to allow social log-ins or bring your own

Make the blockchain invisible

Sponsored gas fees with no passphrases or transaction pop-ups

Allow users to connect to any site

Tap into 5,000+ apps via Wallet Connect or deploy a whitelabel connector

Retain full-control

Built onchain and open source to prevent vendor lock-in. Bring your own signer or use one managed by Crossmint   

Stay compliant with our add-ons

Upgradability along with AML, KYC, and sanctions add-ons let you keep pace with evolving regulations 

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All you need to build end-to-end use cases

Fully managed so you can focus on building your product

We abstract away paymaster, bundler, RPC, nonce, indexer, key management, spam filters, compliance, and all other infrastructure

Avoid taping together 10+ providers

by leveraging Crossmint’s tokenization, payments, identity, and token-gating infrastructure

Allow users to connect their wallets to any website

Instant integrations with 5,000+ apps

Compatible with Wallet Connect and Crossmint Connect. Or spin out your own whitelabel connector.

Build interoperable experiences with your partners

Allow users to sign messages, transactions, and token-gate.

Secure transaction signing

Protect users from signing malicious transactions.

Tap into a broad library of plug-ins

Plug-and-play modules to supercharge your wallets

Allow users to create wallets and sign transactions with Face ID and biometrics.


Sponsor gas fees for users paying with fiat or any cryptocurrency.

Whitelist contracts

Protect users by blocking malicious transactions.

Onramps & Offramps

Embedded infrastructure to top up or offramp cryptocurrencies.

Asset recovery

Guarantee users and creators can always recover their assets and NFT contracts.

Compliance as a Service

MiCA licensing, anti-money laundering, sanction screening, KYC, and more.

Based on open standards

Built on top of ERC-4337 with support for major plugin standards, session keys, passkeys, and more. 

Upgradable contracts

Stay up to date with the latest innovations.

Highest degree of security and compliance

Protect your users by hiding malicious NFTs that worsen the UX and risk their assets.

Automatically detect suspicious activity to protect user assets

Bring your own signer or use one of our embedded options, including passkeys and multi-party computation.

Protection against malicious transactions.

Conduct AML and sanction screening, and optionally KYC users, directly from Crossmint.

Add an extra layer of security by asking users to confirm transactions.


Hybrid custody models for optimal UX and compliance

Define custody at the asset level

For example, the same wallet address can be non-custodial for fungible tokens and custodial for NFTs or specific NFTs.

Switch custody models anytime

Migrate between custodial and non-custodial wallets, and vice-versa (with user consent).

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