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How it works

Use Snapmint to turn any image into an NFT, in just a couple clicks.

Create an account

After you enter your email, an NFT wallet will get created for you.

Wallets are created with an API call to Crossmint which is compatible with any auth provider.

Choose which photo to mint

You can take a selfie or upload an existing image. It will be uploaded to the blockchain as an NFT.

The Crossmint mint API will deploy a contract, upload the image to decentralized storage, mint the NFT, and send it to the user’s wallet.

Showcase your new NFT

Access your NFT anytime in Snapmint, and on third-party websites. You can also move it to another wallet, sell it, or simply hold it.

Crossmint has APIs for transfers, as well as for token gating using Wallet Connect, tokenproof and ETH Pass.

Build your own Snapmint in an afternoon

Crossmint makes it easy to add NFTs to your app. We provide APIs for wallet creation, NFT minting, easy credit card payments for NFTs, and more. Each of these takes less than 10 lines of code