Case Studies
August 31, 2022

NFTs Go Courtside with Sacramento Kings, Magic Eden and Crossmint

On Magic Eden's launchpad, Crossmint enabled basketball superfans to mint Sacramento Kings Laidback Lions NFTs using a credit card - no crypto or wallet required.

Sacramento Kings x Crossmint

The Sacramento Kings have been at the forefront of incorporating blockchain technology in sports, piloting the first-ever NFT ticketing experience in July 2021. They have since launched multiple collections of NFTs, commemorating historical moments, creating digital collectibles, and most recently, rewarding fans with experiences, tickets, and merch via their Laidback Lions NFT collection.

Crossmint Unlocks Web3 Utilities in Sports Events

At Crossmint, we believe that tickets to concerts, sports, and events will be a major usecase for NFT technology in the near future. From verifiable digital proof of ownership to built-in royalties on secondary sales, NFTs unlock capabilities in ticketing that we don't see today. The Kings are pushing the envelope and leveraging Crossmint to reach a broader audience of fans who may not hold crypto or own a Web3 wallet yet.

Jungle Crossmint
Laidback Lions NFT Collection

Laidback Lions launched on Magic Eden's launchpad, and saw close to 50% of the sales transacted via credit card with Crossmint.

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