December 22, 2022

Rarible Partners with Crossmint for Fiat Payments

Crossmint credit card payment functionality launches on the latest drop on the McFarlane Toys white glove marketplace powered by Rarible Protocol

About Rarible

Launched in 2020, Rarible has quickly become one of the leading NFT marketplaces across chains, with support for Ethereum, Polygon, Immutable X, Tezos, and more. In 2021, Rarible surpassed $264 million in  transaction volume, with 100k+ unique users on their platform. Rarible has also become well known for its community marketplace offerings. The bluechip NFT marketplace and protocol offers both a self-serve marketplace builder tool for Ethereum and Polygon collections as well as a more specialized white glove service for collections on all blockchains Rarible supports.  

About our Partnership

Crossmint has partnered with Rarible to bring credit card payment functionality to the latest drop on the McFarlane Toys white glove marketplace powered by Rarible Protocol. With our credit card checkout, users can mint an NFT with only an email and card in under one minute. Users may mint their NFT and store it in their Crossmint wallet or export the NFT to MetaMask, Phantom, or another wallet, for free.

Crossmint x McFarlane Toys

McFarlane Toys was founded over 25 years ago by Todd McFarlane, a Grammy and Emmy-winning producer and director and creator of Spawn comics. The company is a leader and innovator in the global toy industry and is known for its focus on design and attention to detail. They have collaborated with popular franchises like DC, Disney, Nickelodeon, Avatar, My eHero Academia, and more. 

About Crossmint

At Crossmint, we believe that NFTs have the potential to revolutionize the collectible industry - in the same way that fans collect physical toys, action figures, comics and trading cards, NFTs carry the concept of scarcity, rarity, and commemoration of events or time periods. NFTs can also be distributed as digital twins, serving as proof of ownership and authenticity for a physical product, or simply as a bonus collectible item. We’re excited to partner with Rarible to make McFarlane Toys’ NFTs accessible to collectors without crypto, and continue our mission to onboard the next billion users into Web3.

If you’re a creator launching an NFT collection, you can increase your primary sales 30-50% or more by adding Crossmint’s credit card checkout to your mint! Crossmint is free to integrate and gives your community an easy way to mint your NFTs.

Want to add Crossmint to your own digital collection? It's easy. Integrate in 10 minutes with our Self-Service Developer Console and reference our documentation here!

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