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November 2, 2022

NFT Marketplace Solanart Adds Credit Card Payments with Crossmint

Today, credit card payments go live on one of Solana’s largest marketplaces, Solanart. Solanart was the first marketplace on Solana to support buying, trading, and selling NFTs.

Crossmint x Solanart

In the fast-paced world of NFTs, marketplaces and user-facing platforms are looking to build the future of digital collectibles. A key component of furthering mass adoption of NFTs is making them accessible to users who may not want to go through the extensive process of buying crypto, setting up wallets, storing seed phrases, and transferring funds. Together, Crossmint and Solanart are bringing NFTs to the next million Web3 users who can now buy digital art, tickets, collectibles, and more using just an email and credit card.

Dengen Trash Panda NFT - Crossmint
Solanart NFT Purchase Page

About Solanart

In October, Solanart averaged 10% of the overall Solana NFT volume globally. Solanart sees partnerships as key growth drivers for the platform, with a goal to provide the NFT community with the best possible tools for trading their digital assets. Through the partnership with Crossmint, Solanart expands buying options to non-crypto native audiences.

Solanart’s newest release,, allows anyone to create their own liquidity pool. Users can accept any collections they want, set their own interest rates, length of loans, and more.

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