Product Updates
July 20, 2022

Mint Day Redefined: Introducing Crossmint Prepay

Prepay allows buyers to pay in advance for NFT drops via credit card — eliminating the stress and anxiety that comes with buying an NFT at a set date and time.

Forget about Alarms with Crossmint Prepay

We want NFTs to be equally accessible to everyone. For Web3-native users, it’s normal to have a mint date — where you’re likely to face network congestion, high transaction fees on some blockchains, or a true nightmare scenario: forgetting to set your alarm when the next big hype mint happens to be at 3 AM your local time. To someone whowho has never owned an NFT before, any of these things can be a barrier to entry for buying their first NFT and entering the ecosystem.

Prepay solves this.

With Prepay, project teams can set a period of time before the public mint for their audience to pay for & reserve their NFT. Buyers can relax knowing they have a few days to get their NFT, eliminating the stress and uncertainty of a set mint time.

Buy your NFT via Prepay
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Making creators’ & buyers’ lives easier

For creators, Prepay offers a higher confidence demand indicator, so you have a better idea of mint traffic to expect at the public drop. With traditional whitelisting methods, it’s impossible to tell who is actually going to show up on mint day. With Prepay, your sales begin immediately — we can even integrate Prepay with our Accesslist tool, so once someone is eligible to mint based on a Discord role or other verification method, they can pay for their NFT immediately.

We built this feature to make onboarding effortless for new web2 users who want to dive straight into the benefits of a new collection or experience. Rather than navigating through creating a wallet, onboarding funds, marking their calendar for mint date, and minting, they can sign up and prepay, and we handle the rest, working with project teams to get them their NFT on mint day.

Best of all — Prepay is 100% free to use. Get started by following our documentation.

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