Product Updates
June 25, 2022

Custodial NFT Wallets as a Service with Crossmint Whitelabel

This suite of APIs allows you to leverage all the Crossmint technology in your own app while using your own style, branding, and user accounts.

Crossmint's Wallets as a Service

NFTs are a new building block of the internet and the first practical standard for digital private property. They are transforming entire industries and functions, from fundraising to media, games, finance, and legal. At Crossmint, our vision is to build NFT infrastructure to accelerate the velocity of experimentation, building, and adoption of NFTs.

Our flagship product allows anyone to purchase an NFT using only an email and a credit card, massively lowering the barriers of adoption for newcomers to the space. To implement Crossmint Pay, we had to build a sophisticated system of in-house custodial wallets across four blockchains, alongside support for secure and reliable NFT mints and transfers for around 20 different smart contract and blockchain combinations.

Today, we’re introducing a white label version of Crossmint, exclusive to large enterprise customers.

With Crossmint White Label APIs, you get:

  • Secure custodial NFT wallets as-a-service, accessible via your own user authentication system
  • APIs to retrieve and render NFTs in a user wallet, indexed and cached for performant access
  • APIs to programmatically generate NFT checkout flows, supporting both credit card and crypto as payment options
  • APIs for transferring of NFTs to other wallets

All of this is supported across Ethereum, Polygon, Solana, and Avalanche blockchains, with more coming soon.

The White Label APIs are all headless REST APIs, abstracting away the interactions with the blockchain. This means that you can now build NFT Web3 experiences just as you’re used to in Web2.

White Label APIs are currently in private beta, available for select enterprise customers. Head over to to take a look at the docs, and contact us to learn more.

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