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November 30, 2022

Solana Spaces Saves Hundreds of Dev Hours with our Minting API

Solana Spaces mints and airdrops thousands of NFTs per week, using our Minting API, for their weekly NFT newsletter. Anyone can sign up for free to receive the drops!

What is Solana Spaces?

Solana Spaces is the first immersive IRL Web3 learning space, where you can explore the ecosystem of Solana and learn about blockchains while earning rewards. They have locations in New York City and Miami, where crypto newbies and seasoned veterans alike can gather for events and workshops. Solana Spaces partners with prominent platforms and NFT communities throughout the ecosystem to create unique opportunities for the NFT community at large.

As part of their community outreach and engagement, they've spun up a weekly NFT newsletter, where registrants receive a free piece of art airdropped to their Solana wallet each week. Anyone can sign up - it's an incredible avenue to engage with and discover independent artists. Plus - the drops are powered by our very own Minting API.

Past NFT drops: - Crossmint

Airdrop NFTs in a single API call

Typically, to do airdrops of this caliber and frequency, a developer needs to spin up a smart contract or Candy Machine, mint the NFTs, and airdrop them to a list of user wallets. Airdropping NFTs normally requires manual intervention throughout the process, resulting in tying up a dev's time for hours on end. With our Minting API, Solana Spaces is able to simply call our API for each of their recipients' wallet addresses, and in one line of code, we take care of the smart contract deployment behind the scenes. No manual intervention needed, and they can easily replicate this process each week, for any amount of NFTs.

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