How Hang Enables Brands to Redefine Loyalty Programs with NFTs

Crossmint Helps Companies Build Web3 Loyalty Programs

In partnership with Hang, we're ushering in a new era for NFT-based customer rewards and loyalty programs for brands like Budweiser, Superfly, and EveryRealm.


Crossmint x Hang

Hang is the first Web3-powered membership platform that is revolutionizing brand loyalty programs with NFTs. Any brand launching on their platform can enable credit card payments for their mint with Crossmint, unlocking the world of Web3 for their existing customers.

What is Hang?

Hang enables companies to supercharge their brand loyalty and customer relationships through the use of NFTs. Their enterprise solution helps brands increase customer retention by harnessing the power of NFTs to better incentivize customers with unique membership rewards beyond what traditional loyalty programs can offer. They’ve built a no-code platform to create and manage highly-customized Web3 membership programs.

Hang recently announced their $16M Series A led by Paradigm and is collaborating with brands like Budweiser, Pinkberry, Bleacher Report, and Superfly, where music fans could mint their NFT with a credit card using Crossmint!

You can learn more about Hang’s vision here.

Superfest Crossmint and Hang
Superf3st Music Festival

Behind our Partnership

One of our core beliefs at Crossmint is that NFTs are a new computing primitive with the power to disrupt entire industries — from music to fashion and more. Brand loyalty and customer rewards programs are a perfect use-case for NFTs, giving customers greater ownership in their membership profiles and opening doors for companies to create deeper customer connections and experiences.

Hang is paving the way for companies and brands to leverage NFT technology in real-world use cases and forging the future of membership programs. We couldn’t be more excited to partner with Hang and provide our credit card payment solution for brands launching on their platform!