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March 9, 2023

Crossmint partners with Stytch to onboard users into web3

We’re partnering with Stytch to easily integrate their robust and battle-tested authentication with Crossmint’s powerful Wallet APIs

Crossmint x Stytch

Crossmint’s wallet infrastructure has powered the creation of millions of wallets for over 10,000 developers and enterprises, including some of the world’s leading enterprises venturing into web3, like Diageo, Cinemark, the Sacramento Kings, and more.

These APIs empower companies to abstract the blockchain and create seamless experiences accessible to everyone, leveraging the brand’s UX, branding, and domain. For many clients, leveraging existing authentication infrastructure is critical to onboard their existing customer base to their web3 strategy. For others, however, having an integrated authentication + wallet solution is critical to deploy holistic web3 onboarding. To help those customers, we’ve combined Stytch’s best-in-class authentication with Crossmint’s powerful Wallet APIs to bring the most comprehensive end-to-end wallet solution to market. That means you can allow users to create wallets on the fly with social login, email + passwordless login, and more

Get started with our integration guide here

Stytch with crossmint

About Stytch:

Stytch is a developer first authentication platform. Stytch gives you a developer-friendly, full suite of authentication and anti-fraud solutions that allow your team to build faster and get back to concentrating on your product ASAP.

Check out Stytch’s Docs and website to learn more!

About Crossmint:

Crossmint is a leading NFT infrastructure provider, with tools like credit card payments for NFTs, enterprise-grade minting APIs, and secure NFT custodial wallets. We’ve supported over 10,000 developers and enterprises - including key customers like Magic Eden, Rarible, X2Y2, Crown Royal / Diageo, Cinemark, Armin van Buuren, and more

Read more about Crossmint at their website, docs, or contact sales to learn more 

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