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Cinemark Rewards Movie Club Members with NFTs

Cinemark uses Crossmint's Minting API to send NFTs

Cinemark, one of the largest and most influential movie theater chains in North and Latin America, is bringing NFTs to the big screen with Hang and Crossmint.


Crosssmint x Cinemark

Cinemark is a leading movie theater chain with 517 theaters across North and Latin America, making it the third largest exhibitor in the United States.

About the Rewards

As part of their Movie Club rewards program, Cinemark is now offering a rare piece of collectible digital art as a perk for their Platinum members, in addition to their other Movie Club Platinum benefits.

Cinemark x Crossmint

In partnership with Hang, Cinemark's NFTs are minted using Crossmint's Minting API, which unlocks the capability for anyone to mint an NFT in a single line of code and deliver it to an email address. Over 100,000 of Cinemark’s Movie Club members received emails to redeem their NFT using our API.

How to Participate

Movie Club members who visit 25 times or purchase 60 tickets in a year are automatically upgraded to Movie Club Platinum status with extra benefits like increased concessions savings, bonus credits and more. Movie Club members who earn Platinum any time before 12/31/22 will receive an email with instructions on how to redeem the Platinum Exclusive NFT shortly after qualifying. The Platinum Exclusive NFT will be available immediately upon redemption. 

Learn more and join the club:

Crossmint NFT project with Cinemark

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