Product Updates
March 30, 2023

Announcing Crossmint Embedded Checkout

Collect payments inside your website or app seamlessly, customize the branding and gain full control of your user experience.

Today, Crossmint allows you to accept payments via pop-up or our no-code storefronts, both of which take under 10 minutes to set up and go live. Now, clients looking for additional customization options can use the embedded checkout to keep customers inside their user flow.

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Embedded checkout example UX

Embedded checkouts are a major upgrade to our payments product - we're making NFT checkouts even more user-friendly; your customers can comfortably participate in the world of web3 without ever leaving your site.

The checkout trusted by thousands of creators, upgraded.

All payments features remain the same, now embedded within your own platform and UX:

  • All payment methods accepted (debit, credit, Apple & Google Pay, instant bank transfers)
  • Buyers can use their own web3 wallet, or we create one for them
  • Available in 190+ countries and all 50 US states
  • 7 supported blockchains
  • Instant settlement in your chain's native currency
  • Full chargeback protection

Embedded Checkout launches today in alpha; to be among the first to try it out, fill out our interest form here.

To read more and start implementing, head to our docs.

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