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October 4, 2022

airBaltic Launches NFT Rewards with Crossmint

Holders of the Planies NFT collectibles will be able to receive airBaltic Club points and other loyalty program benefits.

AirBaltic Takes NFTs to the Skies

AirBaltic is a Latvian airline that has quickly become one of the most innovative and impressive companies in the aviation industry. Founded in 1995, the airline has consistently pushed the boundaries of what is possible in the world of air travel, and has consistently ranked among the best in the world for customer satisfaction. They carry over 1 million passengers per year.

AirBaltic has also been at the forefront of technological innovation, and has consistently introduced cutting-edge technologies and services to enhance the travel experience for its customers.

In 2014, airBaltic became the world’s first airline to accept Bitcoin as payment for its flight tickets. airBaltic accepts Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Ethereum (ETH), Dogecoin (DOGE), 4 USD-pegged stablecoins and many other as a payment for tickets sold on This was the first step that airBaltic took in order to get into Web3 technologies, later continuing with other crypto-related projects. Now, their innovations span into Web3 with the launch of their Planies NFT collection, mintable with a credit card via Crossmint's fiat on-ramp.

About Planies NFTs

Planies are a special digital cartoon aircraft design collection of 10,000 collectibles stored on the Ethereum blockchain. Planie NFTs are unique artwork generated from 180 different traits. Holders of the Planies collectibles will be able to receive airBaltic Club points and other loyalty program benefits. Owners can stake their NFTs to passively earn 20 points a day per Planie they hold that provides you a free flight in a year. While holders of Planies fly with airBaltic, staking their NFTs after the 10th flight will provide the owners with upgradeable vouchers to business class for every other Planies they stake.

Planes FNTs

All holders of Planies collectibles will be able to enjoy various travel-related benefits of the airBaltic Club loyalty program, including loyalty points, discount vouchers, that you can exchange to free flights and other privileges. This is the first step in preparing the airBaltic Club loyalty program for crypto tokenisation in the future.

With Crossmint's fiat on-ramp solution, frequent flyers can mint their very own Planie with just an email address and credit card - no crypto or wallet required.

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